Excretion Organ

Excretion is the process of spending one substance from the body. Excretion is the process of spending the rest of metabolism like urine, sweat, and breathing. There are 4 tools excretion in humans, kidneys, skin, liver, and lungs. Kidneys secrete urine, skin secretes sweat, heart secretes bile together with urine, and the lungs remove carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Kidney is one excretion organ in humans are located in the rear of the abdominal cavity , the right of the left pubic bone . Kidney consists of three layers. Outer part called the cortex (kidney skin), underneath there modularly (marrow kidney) , and on the inside a cavity called the renal pelvis (kidney cavity). Kidney function associated with renal excretion system is to filter the blood and excreted in the form of urine. There are three stages the formation of urine filtration (blood filtering), reabsorption (reabsorption of useful substances in the urine), and augmentation (urine collection). Urine from the kidneys and then to the ureters, bladder , and then expelled from the body through the urethra.

Skin is a tissue found on the outer parts of the body. Skin consists of a network of the epidermis, the dermis (the cuticle), and connective tissue under the skin. Functions associated with the skin are to sweat excretion system. Sweat was issued to regulate body temperature. Sweat is produced in sweat glands located in the dermis layer. Sweat contains salt solution, urea, and water. Factors affecting the amount of sweat is comes out of activity of the body, the temperature of the environment, food, health, and emotions.

Liver is an important part of the digestive system. Liver function associated with the system is removing sap bile excretion and urea. Bile is produced from the sap of red blood cells overhaul. The sap is stored in the gall bladder and then distributed to the intestine 12 fingers. Sap bile consists of bile salts and bile pigments. Bile salts serve as a fat emulsifier. Whereas bile pigments useless and should be excreted. The substance is absorbed by the blood and will exit through blood filtration in the kidney. That's what makes often colored urine. In addition, bile pigment is also coloring the stool.

In addition to functioning as an important organ in the respiratory system , the lungs also serves as one tool excretion in humans . Waste materials must be removed by the lungs are carbon dioxide and water vapor. Inhale oxygen from air by nose only just taken the lungs to the blood, while the residue in the form of carbon dioxide and water vapor released by the nose again. The process of oxygen binding and release of carbon dioxide by the blood occurs in the alveoli. Alveolus is part of the lungs in the form of small bubbles.


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