Observe Organ From Fossils

If we read about fossil, we can understand that many part of fossil organ are missing beside the skeleton. This is normal because other parts are spoil by the time, just left the skeleton because this part can change into natural mineral such as limestone. Not all the fossils can observe their skeleton completely, some of them just can see the former marks.

Homo erectus an extinct species of early humans, were first discovered by the Ductch physician Eugene Dubois on the Island of Java, Indonesia. Dubois named the creature Pithecanthropus erectus, meaning "erect ape man," because he considered the fossils to represent the missing link between the apes and humans. Later, its name was changed to Homo erectus, in recognition of its unmistakable humanlike physical features and its evolutionany proximity to Homo sapiens; the species of modern humans. From the fossil they are founded, they can learn more about the changes of human body in the different era.


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