Reflex Work

In the nervous system the normal activities are controlled by our brain, but like other activity, on our body also provide a system with sometime by pass that normal condition. This condition named by reflex system that can work faster than normal nerve system work.

One of the more interesting and important features of the spinal cord is that even when it is separate from the brain. It can control fundamental integrative functions known as reflexes. A reflex can be considered schematically in terms of a sensory (receptor or afferent) cell that excites an interneuron, which in turn excites a motor (efferent) neuron. A variable lapse between the stimulus and the response reflects the time necessary to process the signal carried by the reflex afferent nerves. The strength of the response corresponds to a summation through time as well as over the different pathways. The response to a standard signal is removed the response may continue for a certain period of time. Different reflexes within the system interact with each other in complex patterns of mutual excitation and inhibition.


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