Mouth and Esophagus

Mouth and Esophagus are part of the digestion of food. Normally all the animals and humans eat the food through this digestive tract.

Why expensive food is just feel by the tongue alone, many people said. This is because we only have the sense of taste on the tongue. The process of determining the food is not just lip service, which detects only the delicious or not. The food we eat first will go into the mouth which then becomes smooth due to be chewed by the teeth and help saliva produced by salivary glands.

Chewing is an important process, with the release of the enzyme ptyalin by mouth; the starch is converted into sugar. For example, try chewing a piece of bread for a while, it will turn into sweet. Saliva, which contains antibodies that attack bacteria, viruses and toxins that may be contained in the foods we eat.

Tips and apps:
Chewing food slowly and pulverized will help absorption and food processing. By wetting the food by saliva, digestive juices would ease along the digestive tract in full contact with all parts of the food. It will also reduce the risk of formation of gas in the stomach.


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