Skin Division

Epidermis Layer
The outer layer of our body organ is skin. Skin have very important role of our organ, it cover and protects all our organ that located under our skin. Skin becomes the first holder of every body organ. Skin become a protection from outside effect of our environmental like hot, cold and help keep our bodies at just the right temperature allows us to have the sense of touch.

The skin divided into three part layer, the outer layer is epidermis, the outer layer of the skin often contact with the environmental directly and often damage because of direct contact so always build new cells instead of broken cell right below the top layer.

Skin damage not just because of shear or contact with environment but also because of the age, when new cells are ready, they start moving toward to the top of epidermis layer. This trip takes two weeks to a month to reach the top layer and change the died cell. This changes make our skin always look young, when our age is old, this changes can’t run smoothly, so our skin will not look smooth anymore, there are wrinkle on our skin surface, this view show that our skin have old and can’t be changed as soon as possible, because our organ also have old age make late production rate.

The skin cell changes everyday about 30,000 to 40,000 cells per day, dead skin cells off of the skin surface. If we can accumulate the scaled skin, on one year about 4 kilogram of skin cell changed. Most part of epidermis layer (95%) work to make new skin cells, and 5% have melanin function or make the skin colored. If your skin is exposed to sun light, this part work extra to build a melanin to protect our skin from burned by ultraviolet or UV.

Dermis Layer Below the epidermis layer are dermis layer, that contain of nerve network, blood vessel, oil gland and sweat glands. Dermis layer also contains of collagens and elastin that are tough and stretchy. Nerve that sourced on this layer can tell use of every thing feel by our skin surface. This nerve connect to the brain and nervous system, the message will sent to our brain when we touch something. Soft, hard, smooth, or rough surface.

But if you touch the dangerous thing like high temperature thing there is different path of our nerve system faster, the message sent to the spinal cord on the brain and directly our brain to command to the muscle reflect move from that hot thing.

Subcutaneous Fat
The third layer below the dermis is subcutaneous fat layer. This layer mostly store of fat, fat layer have function to protect our body keep warm and absorb of shocks. But if this fat too much make our body look bad and sometime make more other problems. The dermis layer are the oil gland home, and under the dermis also keep sebaceous glands that produce sebum. Sebum have function to create natural oil. It rises to the surface of epidermis layer and keep our skin lubricated and protected. This oil make our skin waterproof, as long as sebum’s on the scene, our skin won’t absorb water and get soggy.


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