Ear is one of our important sense organ that function to detect the sound come and differ them. We have two ears on the left and right, so we can differ where the sound come from right side or from left side. If have the similar frequency come for left and right side of ear, its mean come from the top. If there are plug on the ear hole this will disturbed of hearing and cause wrong to detect the source, this plug normally merge from dirt that accumulate on the ear hole captured by ear wax that available along the ear hole.

Earwax have function to protect of our ear from infection make water can’t be stick to the ear skin. This earwax is formed by wax glands in the external ear canal. The main component of earwax is keratin. There are different individuals vary considerable in the amount and consistency of their earwax. There are two types described, wet and dry wax, which are inherited. Dry wax is common in Asia people while wet wax is common in western Europe people. Too little earwax can cause risk of infection, too much wax also increase the incidence of infection and hearing loss.

Wax can make plug of our ear, cause hearing sensitivity reduced, and full feeling in the ear. Wax can trap bacteria in the ear, and leading to infection, that is usually painful or at least itchy as the alarm that our ear have full of wax.

To remove wax from our ear should be careful because if you do a wrong way that can cause breaking the eardrum (perforation) and can cause infection because of your cotton bud contain bacteria. Even this tool often use to clean our ear from wax but cotton bud have risk to make this accident happened. I recommend against using cotton tipped applicators, hair pins, and similar devices to clean the ear.


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