Muscle In Supra Hyoid Region

Hyoides region are located in depressors of the lower jaw. This region divide into 4 area:
  1. Digastric
  2. Mylo-hyoid
  3. Stylo-hyoid
  4. Genio-hyoid
To dissect these muscles a block should be placed beneath the back of the neck and the head drawn backward and retained in that position. On the removal of the deep fascia the muscle are at once exposed.

Digrastric consists of two fleshy bellies united by an intermediate, rounded tendon. It is a small muscle, situated below the side of the body of the lowe jaw, The posterior belly, longer than the anterior, arises from the digastric groove on the inner side of the mastoid process of the temporal bonde, and passes downward and backward.

The stylo-hyoid is a samall, slender muscle, lying in front of, and above, the posterior belly of the Digastric. It arises from the back and outer surface of the styloid process, near the base, and passing downward and forward, is inserted into the body of the hyoid bone, just at its juction with the greater cornu, and immerdiately above the Omo hyoid. This muscle is perforated, near its insertion, by the tendon of the Digastric.


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