Buying and Selling Organ

Brazil's City is famous for the highest crime. After the arms trade is quite rampant there started hard, criminal actors in Brazil turned into a profession kidnapping by asking a high compensation and theft targets were not half-hearted, executives and high-brokers did not even hesitate to kill and torture their target if you do not pay a ransom. To the extent that there is a special services company in negotiation between the families of kidnap victims. If it fails in the requested ransom is the possibility the victim was killed for organs sold.

The prolonged U.S. invasion makes life bawdy on Iraqis. Poverty makes some Iraqis were forced to sell her organs for some money so they can survive.

A citizen of Baghdad named Ali Hassnawi said, he did not bear to see his children cried from hunger while he did not have the money to just buy a piece of bread. Ali then met a friend who told me that he had sold one of his kidneys. Desperate needs, Ali and his wife decided to do the same thing, selling their kidney.

Ali and his wife sold their kidneys through the black market. Prices are valid varies between 500 to 5000 dollars, depending on the condition of people who need these kidneys.

Iraq's Health Ministry revealed that kidney disease is a sickness that many Iraqis suffered. Currently, more than 7,000 Iraqis need a kidney transplant as soon as possible. "Many Iraqis whose lives threatened because blood washing machines are very old and many of them are not functioning properly," said Taha Abdul Rahman, the health ministry public relations.

Iraq's position, as the country's of the third-largest oil exporter in the world, with revenues from oil exports around 38 billion dollars in 2007 and 20 billion dollars until April 2008, not much effect for improving the welfare of the Iraqi people. Poor people continue struggle to survive, although they had to sell an important body organs.

In Iraq, the patients who need kidneys, can easily meet the kidney sellers in the gates of the hospital or the places to drink coffee. Usually, there is a hospital employee who became an intermediary and get a 10 percent commission from the sale price of the kidneys.

The doctors at hospitals claimed Iraq could not prevent the buying and selling kidneys, though they oppose such practices. Moreover, those who declared themselves willing to be a kidney donor, often claimed be relatives of patients.

The doctor admitted to refuse the operation of a child, after knowing that the kidney donor was a 12-year-old boy who forced his father to sell his kidneys to the price of 4000 dollars.

Police in Baghdad and surrounding cities, often found a body that no longer have kidney or cornea. From the results of the investigation, found that there were mafia who take organs corpses with the help of doctors. The body's organs, then sold with a good price.

World Health Organization (WHO) in Iraq urged the law enforcement agencies in the State that night in 1001 to punish the sellers of human organs. Although he admitted that in countries where such a conflict is happening in Iraq, very difficult to control cases like this.

About buying and selling organs in Iraq become a dilemma because there is demand and no supply. "People may say the action was illegal, but we're just trying to save our lives," said Abu Ahmed who just had a kidney transplant. He got a kidney from a kidney seller in the city of Baghdad.


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