The Secret Life of American Teenager

American teenager secret life, become an idol of world teenager star paranoid. Teenager just think what it should be now, they are usually have a special trend idol in a certain period. For this condition they usually have a special trendy on current time. The trend can change over time, many object can be a trendy intense, can be a hair model, lifestyle model, shoe model, mobile phone model, cosmetic type and many others.

Francia Raisa become a world intension especially American teenager, this girl is become a stars as sultry and seductive Adrian, shares her tips, her past, and her future plans. Show with the title “The secret life of the American Teenager” is one of America’s most popular shows.

What she give on the beauty tips are highlighter on eyes, “If you’re just too lazy to put eyes shadow on, grab a little blush and put it on your eyes and that will bring a little more color to your eyes. Also when you get those hairs on your eyebrows that’s not ready to be plucked yet and is just getting there, just put some highlighter on there and it will accent your eyes a little more.”

The best beauty advice: Trick with the blush on the eyes, “my sister told me that one. She told me if you’re too lazy to do it, or you’re not confident about putting eye shadow on property.”

Daily Beauty Regiment: “Wash my face. I use Laura Mercier Foundation, it has more SPF in it and not a lot of color-I like to keep it more natural. I put on mascara, eyeliner, and lip-gloss. I just make sure my skin is healthy.”

Favorite Beauty Product: “I really like Cover Girl. They also have really good foundation. I love Cover girl’s mascara, and their concealed. And I also use Dior mascara, is also really good. Lip gloss from LancĂ´me, I love the Juicy Tubes. I use “Daiquiri most of the time because it’s more natural, it has a hint of pink to it, but it’s very natural.”

How to keep body shape: “I dance as well. I’m a dancer, so that’s pretty much what I do to stay in shape. I have a gym membership but I’m not very good about going. I’ve gone about a handful of times and I’ve had a membership for 6 months. I think it’s important to find an activity that you like. Whether its soccer, dancing, or softball, anything. An afterschool activity, aerobics, or Pilates; just something you look forward to doing. Because if it’s something that your dreading then there’s no way your going to keep up with it.”


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