The two kidneys are the major organs of excretion in vertebrates. Excess water, toxic waste product of metabolism such as urea and uric acid, and organic salts are disposed of by the kidneys in the form of urine. The kidneys are also largely responsible for maintaining the water balance of the body and the acidity (PH) of the blood. The kidneys and associated organ that produce and eliminate urine are collectively called the urinary system. The kidneys also play important roles in other body activities such as in releasing the protein erythropoietin, which stimulate the bone marrow to increase the formation of cell blood cells, and in helping in control blood pressure. Some drugs or their breakdown products are eliminated through the kidneys.

Because of this important function of kidneys, we should always give a best maintainance service to this organ. The tips for maintain our kidneys are must much of drink and always go sport even just light sport, the important of this sport we must exerted sweat out of our body. The sweat that exert from our body is meaning help our kidneys to exert any body organic salt, so kidneys works will more light.


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